How Social Media Affects Business Owner and Customer

Last week in Bali I visited several new restaurants and had a meal there with some family. I posted pictures I took from the restaurants in instagram, and as usual I put hashtags # and put a map about the restaurants location.

As a common instagram user, I get likes and comments from my friends, and you know you are happy when you get responds from what you post right {similar with blog post lol}.. and apparently the restaurants I went has Instagram too and they visited my page and liked and even commented on my pictures! wow.. It was a short comment like “thanks for dining with us.. cant wait to see u again..” stuff like that. But I was happy to get that^^

Here are the pictures I mentioned:





Well, no doubt, social media has been a very good strategy to promote your business. It’s a 2-way benefits actually, mutualistic symbiosis if I may say. For business owner you get fast growing popularity and free promotions, also you can get direct feedback information from the customers. And from customers side, you feel closer when the owner responded you, you feel welcome.. and posting such stuff, showing that you went to this cool place and had this cool meal with this cool friends.. well it’s a social needs to be exists and get recognition I think? teeheee… :p

Anyway my own experience, when I look for some information about a store, a place, or a restaurant.. and if I cant get address or phone from the search engine (I usually use Google), then I automatically think negatively about it, uncertain and hesitate to visit. Either it’s not a modern or cool place to go to, or it’s not popular then. Do you feel the same way or it’s just my wrong way of thinking?

If I develop my own business in the future [I], I would make a division dedicated for social media. It’s an important part of the marketing and promotion strategy for today’s business. I would make a website, a fanpage, instagram account, register on tripadvisor or foursquare, etc! 😀 I think there’s a service company for that too, taking care of your business social media and regularly updating your socmed account. That’s a good way if you’re not so into IT stuff.


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